Publish Date: May 20, 2019
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    Legal Metrology wing has been set up to ensure consumer protection against exploitation in transaction of commodities in respect of their Prices vis-à-vis Weights and Measures.
    Inspection testing procedures are defined to ensure the accuracy of all the transactions bought or sold by weight, measures and to eliminate the potential for fraud, carelessness and misrepresentation during the transactions.
    The Organization undertakes stamping of all Weights and Measures in commercial use (transaction or protection) periodically for which stamping fee is charged. Inspectors of Legal Metrology, in their respective jurisdiction, are authorized for this under Section 14 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. The Controller, the Deputy Controller and the Assistant Controllers of Legal Metrology perform supervisory duties over the Inspectors.
    Under the various provisions of the Act/ Rules, an Inspector of Legal Metrology carries out day-to-day inspection, verification and booking of offences against the defaulters.

    Notice are served on the traders for verification of weights etc. which are due, to get their weighing and measuring instruments verified and stamped. The traders are supposed to produce their weighing and measuring instruments for verification at the place and date mentioned by the Inspector. The trader is required to present his weighing and measuring instruments in a clean condition and if on verification it is found to be incorrect, it shall be returned to the person concerned for removal of the defects within a period not exceeding seven days.

    If any trader violates the provisions of Act/ Rules the concerned inspector will book the challan against the defaulters. The Deputy Controller/ Assistant Controller compounds the challan under the delegated powers. The challan which are not compounded are forwarded to the court of law for final decision.
    If any consumer has any complaint regarding weights and measures, he can lodge the same with the area Inspector/ Assistant Controller/ Deputy Controller as the case may be.