General Instructions 2016

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    General Instructions 2016
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    Notification of Haryana Civil Service Rules
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    Memorial/Representations Made Before The Hon’ble Governor
    Accessible Version : View(351 KB)
    Timely Issuance of Agenda of Meetings
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    Regarding Extension in Block Year 2012-15 upto 31.12.2016
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    Liberalization of Delegation of Powers
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    Regarding SAS Training
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    Haryana Government Technical Department Notification
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    Regarding abolition of affidavits and allowing self-certification of certificates
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    Regarding Implementation of Revised Pension Rules (Part-II) 2009-Clarification regarding
    Accessible Version : View(733 KB)
    Policy for engaging/Outsourcing of services/activities-regarding provision of 10 Casual Leave and 10 Medical Leave
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    Removal of delay in filing appeals-strict compliance of clause 9.3 of the Haryana State Litigation Policy
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    Rate of interest to be charged on House Building
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    Regarding Review The Existing Requirement of Attested Copies
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    Regarding Taking Decisions on The Representation/Notices
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    Regarding Residential Caste Certificate
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    Regarding to send online Action Taken Report on Grievances/complaints marked through CM Window
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    Formulation of State litigation policy
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    Weeding out of Records pertaining to RTI applications
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    To promote the hand made paper
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    Grant of Maternity Leave to Women Government Employees
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    Permission Regarding Paspport NOC, Higher Studies, Caste/Residence Certificates, Education Allowances, Non-Refundable Advances From GPF
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    Vacant Posts of Class-III & IV of Ex-Servicemen
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    Grant of reservation in jobs under Government/Government Undertakings & Local Bodies as well as in admission in Government/Government aided educational/technical/Professional Institutions
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    Regarding Sending of Duplicate copy if noting & enclosures while sending file to Hon’ble Governor, Haryana
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    Procedure to be followed for issuance of instructions of defense in all courts of District Level, High Court/Tribunal(s)/Commission(s)/Arbitrator(s) and Supreme Court
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    Order Regarding Work Related to Income Tax
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    Miscellaneous expenses payable by Administrative Departments and Boards
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    Change in G.P.Fund & I.Tax for 2016-17
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    Online Entry of Leave and Tour in
    Accessible Version : View(2 MB)
    Regarding Writing of ACRs of the Year 2015-2016 of the officers/officials
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    Regarding Clarification of financial up-gradation in the case of ACP matters
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    Regarding recovery of excess payments/amount made to Govt. Employees
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    Action to be taken on the recommendation of Haryana Lokayukta Annaul Report
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    Schemes Run For The Welfare of Women
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    Regarding Economy Measures
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    Banning use of Buildings/Civil Structures Owned by The Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) for Political Advertisement During The Period of Model Code of Conduct
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    Regarding Payment of Salaries of All Contractual Employees
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    Grant of Extention in Service/Re-Employment of Haryana Government Employees After The Age of 58 Years
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    Introduction of Child Care Leave (CCL) for Women Goverment Employees
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    Weeding out record of Litigation Branch of Law and Legislative Deptt., Haryana
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