> Measures Against Cheating
  • In case correctness of a weight is in doubt, consumers may see the bottom of the weight where the seal of the Inspector is affixed indicating the year of its verification. Every weighting and measuring instrument shall have the verifications mark of the inspector. If it is not there or the year of the seal is old, then it is a case where complaint should be immediately made.
  • While taking petrol at the dispensing pumps, one should ensure that the indication is brought to zero before delivery. A 5 litre conical measure is always available/kept at the Petrol Pumps so that consumer can check the quantity of diesel/petrol with help of this measure.      
  • While taking kerosene from conical measure, the inside of the measure should be checked for any false bottom or foam etc. while delivery is taken, allow sufficient time for the foam to die down.
  • While measuring gold/jewelery in the shop, make the weighting at least twice and see that the reading is repeated. The consumer should watch that the reading on the balance is not kept below the fan or cooler etc.The reading will get affected. Only Class II (High Accuracy) or Class I (Special Accuracy) balances are permitted to be used in jeweler’s trade.Take a receipt for all your purchase.
  • While buying vegetables from the Market or big shop using electronics balances see that the rate of the particular vegetable is entered properly on the balance.
  • Consumer movement should be created in the area and in case of any underweight the shop should be boycotted in addition to informing the Inspector Weights and Measures.
  • The beam to be mounted on a stand and not to be held in hand.
  • Keep a look out for the Inspector Legal Metrology in your area. He should be contacted and informed in case of any fraud in measurement. The Controller of Legal Metrology sits in the State Capital. In case of any problem related to weights and Measures, he can be contacted at e-mail add: foods@hry.nic.in and Telephone Nos.  0172-2701366 and 0171-2644260.