Use of Information and Communication (ICT) Tools

(Updated 28-02-2019)

Food & Supplies Department initiated Computerization in the year 2001 and has made significant progress in implementing e-Governance Projects and use of ICT tools. Presently following e-Governance projects are in operation:-

  • Departmental Portal (http://haryanafood.gov.in)
  • Email
  • Procurement and Storage Management System
  • Implementation of e-Budget and e-Salary
  • Toll Free Consumer Helpline& PDS Helpline (1800-180-2087& 1967) 
  • Court Cases Information System
  • Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS)
  • File Tracking and Monitoring System (FTMS)
  • CM Window
  • End to End Computerization of TPDS Operations
  • Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System  (CPGRAMS)
  • Human Resource Management System (HRSM)


  • Departmental Portal

  The Departmental information portal http://haryanafood.gov.in is hosted at Haryana State Data Center (HSDC). Information as per Government guidelines is hosted at this portal and updated by a dedicated team on daily basis. Web links have been provided to various software applications like Procurement and Storage Management System, End to End Computerization of TPDS Operations, e-Budget, e-salary, Court Cases Information System, etc. There is dedicated web-page for every branch i.e. Procurement, Storage, Food General, Supply, RTI, Administrative branches.

For more detail log on http://haryanafood.gov.in


  • Email

The Department has notified email as primary means of communication between Directorate and other offices vide office letter No. FG-2-Smart Card-2013/287 dated 09-01-2013.  E-mail-IDs of all the Branch Officers, Branch Incharges and DFSCs have been created. There is qualitative improvement in exchange of information among various offices of the Department and it has enhanced efficiency.

The e-mail addresses are available at:



  • Procurement and Storage Management System (State Government)

The system is a web based application with central database. This software has automated all procurement and warehousing related activities of Food and Supplies Department and other procurement agencies in the state. Concerned DFSCs are updating the data at field level and Storage branch and Procurement branch at Directorate are monitoring the online application.  The project has eliminated redundancies in the manual system and helped to maintain up to date information related to Procurement and Storage and generate various report for decision making.

For more detail log on to


  • Implementation of e-Budget, e-Billingand e-Salary

e-Budget, e-Billing and e-salary is a web enabled application designed and developed by National Informatics Centre, Haryana State Unit. Application is keeping track of allocation and expenditures made under various heads and schemes.Budget and Account branches of the Department is using this application.

For more detail long on to http://hrtreasuries.gov.in/  


  • Toll Free Consumer Helpline & PDS Helpline(1800-180-2087& 1967)

One Toll Free Call Centre has been setup for PDS beneficiaries and State Consumers. The aim of the Helpline is to facilitate PDS beneficiariesregarding ration through Fair Price Shops and perform, facilitateand promote better protection of Consumers’ rights and interests with special reference to rural India. On this helpline guidance/advice PDS beneficiaries and to the consumers of Haryana is given if they face any deficiency in getting ration through FPS and in the purchase of any product/service from the market. It also makes consumers aware as to whom they should contact for the removal of deficiency. Docket number is generated for each call received. Where possible, the complaints are taken up with concerned Department/Company/Shop by the Consumer Cell. The complaint is closed after its resolution/disposal.

Since its inception the Helpline has received 28344 calls (Up to 31th January, 2019) from the consumers.  The calls related to Agriculture, Airlines, Automobile, Banking, e-Commerce, Education, Electricity, Food & Beverages, Health, Insurance, Legal Metrology, Petroleum, PDS, RTI and Telecom are received at helpline.  The success rate in solving the complaints is 25,663 (91%).

For more information log on www.consumeradvice.in


  • Court Cases Information System

Court Cases Information System is a web based application developed by NIC for the information related to Court Cases of the Department. This application software is operational since April, 2012. Legal Cell is main user of this application.

For more log on  http://lmshry.gov.in/


  • Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS)

In Compliance of directions issued by Secretary (E&IT), Haryana vide note dated 29.02.2019, 2170 employees are registered and 2066 employees are active on http://hrfood.attendance.gov.in portal.

Out of total 188 Wi-Fi tablets 123 food supply department and 23 are of legal metrology department. 35 Finger Print Scanners based BAS are also installed at HQ. As on dated 28th, February 2019 total of 1176-1200 employees are marking attendance and 128-130 devices are active.

Anyone can check the presence of employees in Food and Supplies Department on Dashboard by click http://hrfood.attendance.gov.in/ . Technical Nodal Officer has created Nodal Report Viewer for all the Branch incharges of HQs and DFSC offices of the department. It is further stated that DCLM office has not initiated with NIC for separate Nodal officer of AEBAS for Legal Metrology organization.


  • File Tracking and Monitoring System (FTMS)

User-id and password of all the Officers and officials of the Department have been created. Training has been provided to all the officers and officials by the Master trainers of the Department. Internet connectivity has been provided to all the Computer users. Department has implemented FTMS in the Department w.e.f. 1st August, 2016.

For more details log on to http://web1.hry.nic.in/cfmshcs

  • CM Window

The Chief Ministers Grievance Redressal System has been started in December 2014 in the State. The status of the complaints received in the Food & Supplies Department on this portal as on 28.02.2019 is as under:


Complaints Received

Disposed off/Action Taken Report Sent






For more detail log on to http://cmharyanacell.nic.in/


  • End-to-End Computerization of TPDS Operations

Under End-to-End Computerization of TPDS Operations digitization of 9526 Fair Price Shops (FPS) and 243 Godowns including CONFED focal points has also been completed. 26,63,950 families /ration cards having 1,16,01,918 beneficiaries under NFSA have also been digitized. Currently 26,55,958 (99.7%) ration cards and 1,14,04,685 (98.3%) beneficiaries have been seeded with Aadhaar. Toll Free PDS/Consumer  helpline number 1800-180-2087 and 1967 is operational.  Transparency portal (http://haryanafood.gov.in/pds/en-us) and  online grievances redressal system for PDS  is operational. Online allocation and supply chain management has been implemented in the entire State from 01 Jan 2017. 

  • CompoNent-ii


  • Automation of FPS launched in whole of State on 1st November, 2016 by Hon’ble Prime Minister.
  • Fully Online mode has been implemented in entire State since July, 2017.
  • The facility of Portability has been provided in the system which allows beneficiaries to take ration from any shop anywhere in the State.
  • In order to solve the problems of identification of beneficiaries whose finger prints are not very clear, the facility of Best Finger Detection (BFD) has been introduced. Also the facility of Fusion has been introduced to address the problem of difficulty in reading the finger prints, wherein the system prompts for second finger in case one finger is not adequate for identification.  The rate of success Fusion is about 98% which has almost resolved this kind of problem.
  • Beneficiaries who can’t travel to the FPS for whatever reasons allowed to nominate their nominee to take the ration. The nominees are allowed to take ration after Aadhaar Seeding in PDS database.
  • SMS alert is sent to the Registered Mobile number of beneficiary after generation of truck challan at Godown and after distribution of ration through POS.
  • Punjab National Bank has been designated as acquirer bank for implementation of AePS/Cashless (Aadhaar enabled payment System) in the entire State. Cashless Aadhaar enabled Aadhaar enabled payment system successfully implemented in Panchkula and will be rolled out for whole of state with in coming month.
  • CPGRAM (Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System)

All grievances relating to State Governments / Union Territory Administrations and Government of NCT Region of Delhi, are to be redressed by the State/ UT/ NCT Government concerned. Citizens are advised to take up matter regarding pendency of their grievance directly with the State Government concerned by log in: http://pgportal.gov.in/.

  • Human Resource Management System (HRSM)

Haryana Government has decided to implement Human Resource Management System (HRMS) under which the personal information of each employee like Service Book, AnnualConfidential Report (ACR), promotion details, leave details and transfer are to be entered for timely disposal of the cases.

Department has appointed Sh. N.K.Mittal, Deputy Director as Nodal Officer for implementation of the system.Feeding of employee data has been completed. Link of HRMS is available on the official website of the Department at .