> Provisions in Act
  • Amended Provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

Following are some of the amendments which have been carried in the aforesaid Act:-

  1. i) The complainant will have to deposit such amount of fee and payable in such manner as may be prescribed under sub section 2 of Section 12.
  2. ii) The pecuniary jurisdiction of the District For a has been raised from Rs.5.00 lacs to Rs.20.00 lacs and in the case of State Commission earlier the pecuniary jurisdiction has been raised from Rs.20.00 lacs to Rs.1.00 crore and above Rs.1.00 crores National Commission has the jurisdiction to try and decide the complaint. State Commission is also a Appellate Authority who has the jurisdiction to try and decide the appeals against the order of any District Forum within the State and against the order of the State Commission the Revision Petition can be filed in the Hon’ble National Commission. Time framed for deciding the case has been prescribed under Section 13 of the C.P. Act. For the execution of the orders of the District Fora powers of 1st class Magistrate have been conferred on the District Fora under Section 27 of the Act. Under proviso 2 to Section 15 of the Amended Consumer Protection Act, 1986 it has been provided that no appeal by a person, who is required to pay any amount in terms of an order of the District Forum, shall be entertained by the State Commission unless the appellant has deposited in the prescribed manner 50% of that amount or Rs.25,000/-, whichever is less.
  • Deliver certified copies of order and other documents

         AA copy of the final order is to be given to the parties free of cost as required under the Act and the rules made thereunder. In case a party requires an extra copy, it shall be issued to him duly certified by the Registry on a payment of Rs.20/- irrespective of number of pages as prescribed under the Consumer Protection Regulations, 2005. A certified copy of an order shall clearly specify the date when free copy was issued, date of application, date when the copy was made ready and the date when it was so delivered to him. Any party desiring to get a certified copy of any document on the file may get the same on payment of certification fee of twenty rupees per copy. Provided that if any such document of which certified copy is sought, is over and above 5 pages, an extra amount of one rupee per page shall be charged over and above the fee of twenty rupees. Certified copy of any miscellaneous order passed by the Consumer Courts shall be supplied on payment of Rs.5/- per copy.

  • Inspection of Records

Parties or their agents can inspect the record of any matter by filing an application on payment of Rs.10/- as fee.

  • Maintenance of PLA Accounts 

         In the amended Consumer Protection Act, 1986, the provision of opening of PLA account was made vide which the amount received in the appeal w.e.f. October, 2003 have been deposited in the PLA account (totally interest free account). In the said account a sum of Rs.28,86,77,534/- till 31.03.2013 have been deposited out of which a sum of Rs.10,04,86,575/- have been refunded/paid to the parties on the orders of the Hon’ble Commission and a sum of Rs.18,81,90,959/- remained balance with this Commission which would be refunded to the parties. After the introduction of this PLA account the work on accounts side has increased i.e. receiving the bank drafts of the amounts, giving receipts, entries of the drafts in the ledger, preparation of the Treasury Challans for depositing the same in the bank, depositing the drafts in the bank, reconciliation of the account with the Treasury at the end of the month, processing the refund orders and issuing refund drafts to the parties.