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  • Powers of Presidents of State Commission and District Fora.

          The State Commission controls and monitors the working of District Fora in the State.

          The President of State Commission has been declared Head of Department. He is also a Chairman of Selection Committee constituted under Section 10 and 16 of the Consumer Protection Act for making appointments of Presidents and Members in the District Fora and whole time Members in the State Commission. He has also been declared as appointing/punishing authority for Class-III & Class-IV employees of the State Commission and Class III employees of the District Fora in the State of Haryana.

          As per Section 24-B of the Consumer Protection Act, State Commission shall have administrative control over all the District Fora within its jurisdiction in all matters referred in sub Section (1).

          Similarly, the President of the District Fora have also been declared as Head of Office and appointing/punishing authority of Class IV employees.

In the judicial side the procedure has been laid down for enforcement of the orders of the District Fora whereunder the property of the person not complying with the orders of District Fora can be attached and disposed of in the manner prescribed under amended section 25 of the Act and for execution of the orders powers of 1st class Magistrate have been conferred on the District Fora under Section 27 of the Act. Under proviso 2 of Section 15 of the Consumer Protection Act, no appeal by a person who is required to pay any amount in terms of an order of the District Forum shall be entertained by the State Commission unless the appellant has to deposit in prescribed manner 50% of the amount or Rs.25,000/- whichever is less.


Under Section 24-B of the Consumer Protection Act and in the interest of speedy disposal of the cases the Govt. of India and National Commission have prescribed a number of weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly returns/statements.  Since inception 46,518 appeals and 2373 complaints have been filed in the State Commission upto 31.03.2017 out of which 45,408 appeals and 1908 complaints have been decided and only 1110 appeals and 465 complaints remained pending.  Similarly, since inception 2,52,959 complaints upto 31.03.2017 have been filed in all the District Fora in the State of Haryana out of which 2,42,632 have been decided and only 10327 complaints are pending in the different District Fora in the State of Haryana.